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4.1.2 Performance of ``find'' and ``grep''

We have measured the file read performance of the Network RamDisk using the find Unix command. First we copied a directory tree (specifically the sources of Gnu Compiler version 2.7.2), which du reported to be 28 MBytes in size and having 1075 files, into the two devices, the Network RamDisk and the magnetic disk. We cleared the filesystem cache from the recently written blocks, by reading the whole directory tree of /usr which is 280 MBytes large. Using a simple shell script we searched all the files in the directory tree for a non-existing string, using the applications find and grep. The results shown in Table 2, point out that it takes 129.8 seconds for find and grep for the search while on the Network RamDisk it takes only 103.6 seconds. We see that our application is 25% faster when run on top of the NRD.

Mike Flouris
Thu Sep 17 18:12:15 EET DST 1998