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4.1.5 Performance Test of Sequential File I/O using IOZONE

To compare the performance of sequential file I/O of our device over the Ethernet with the traditional magnetic disk, we measured it using a microbenchmark called IOZONE, V2.01 by Bill Norcott. This benchmark writes a selectable-sized file in small blocks and measures the time to perform these operations. Such workload of writing a large file sequentially in small blocks, is applied by applications like multimedia systems (e.g. writing frames of video or audio), compression programs, and databases.

The results and the comparison graph can be seen in Figure 10. It is obvious from the graph that the Network RamDisk even over the Ethernet, and using TCP/IP has nearly three times higher sequential file I/O performance .

Mike Flouris
Thu Sep 17 18:12:15 EET DST 1998