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4.2.1 Experimental Environment

The Linux NRD Client is a fully operational prototype which implements three reliability/caching policies, as mentioned above : a simple unreliable version, an unreliable version with block caching, and a reliable version with parity caching. We have run experiments on all three versions of the NRD client.

The experiments on the Linux client were conducted on a 233MHz Pentium II PC with 64MB of RAM, a 2GB Western Digital Caviar EIDE Hard Disk, and a FORE PCA200E 155MBps ATM NIC, running Linux 2.0.33 . For the ATM experiments we have set up a LANE (LAN Emulation) ATM subnet, using the experimental Linux-ATM distribution 0.31 gif , along with the also experimental FORE PCA200E 0.2 Linux device driver gif .

It is important to mention that the Linux-ATM distribution 0.31 is a development distribution and had quite unstable performance, closing the open network connections often, and sometimes dramatically degrading the performance of the ATM network. Under a more stable ATM network we strongly believe that the NRD client would have much better performance.

Mike Flouris
Thu Sep 17 18:12:15 EET DST 1998