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  The proposed system has been built and is in everyday use. It consists of a client issuing paging requests and servers satisfying these requests. It is also able to use the local disk for paging and may support either mirroring or parity logging. The client side has been linked with the DEC OSF/1 kernel of a DEC-Alpha 3000 model 300 with 32 MB main memory as a block device driver that handles all pagein and pageout requests. In order to service these requests, it may forward them either to user level servers running on other hosts, or to the local disk. The DEC OSF/1 kernel is not even aware that we use remote main memory instead of magnetic disk as a paging device. It just performs ordinary paging activities using a block device. This design minimizes the modifications needed in order to port the system to another operating system and avoids modifications to the operating system kernel.

Evangelos Markatos
Wed Aug 7 11:36:29 EET DST 1996