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3 Licenses

All of these tools use Globetrotter's Flexible license manager for software licensing. Before any tool allows itself to run it verifies that the appropriate license server is up and running. The license server program is a Unix deamon.

The LM_LICENSE_FILE shell variable is used to point to the appropriate license files, whose license servers are running. It is possible for the LM_LICENSE_FILE to point to multiple license files (one for each toolset used). This is achieved by concatenating the license file name with the : character.

3.1 License Startup

License servers can be started using the lmgrd command. Its usage is the following:

usage: lmgrd [-2 -p] [-c license_file]
             [-f license_finder_file]
             [-l logfile] [-s timestamp_interval]
             [-t timeout_interval] [-v] [-f]
             [-x lmdown|lmremove] [-nfs_log]

The following usually suffices:

lmgrd -c <license_file>

For practical reasons license startup is automatic and is performed during the booting of the machines that are designated as license servers.

3.2 License Statistics

In order to verify that a license server is running the command lmstat can be used with the following usage:

usage: lmstat
        [-a]                  (display everything)
        [-A]                  (list all active licenses)
        [-c license_file]     (use "license_file" as license file)
        [-f [license name]]   (list users of license(s))
        [-i [feature_name]]   (list info about specified (or all) feature(s))
        [-S [DAEMON]]         (list all users of DAEMONs licenses)
        [-s [server_name]]    (display status of server node(s))
        [-t timeout_value]    (set connection timeout to "timeout_value")

The following usually suffices:

lmstat -c <license_file>

Status UP, when running lmstat means that the license server is running normally.

3.3 License renewal

The process of license renewal requires two steps to be performed. Firstly the old license files must be replaced by new ones and secondly the license servers must be restarted.

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