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On top of EXODUS we run a common database benchmark called OO7 [5]. We used three versions of EXODUS:

Figure 12: Performance of OO7 running on top of EXODUS.

Figure 12 plots the completion time of various parts of the OO7 benchmark on top of EXODUS. We see that in all cases REX has superior performance compared to the unmodified EXODUS systems. Actually, REX-FDDI is sometimes more than 3 times faster than EXODUS (see for example t5do, and t6). Although we do not see the impressive performance difference we demonstrated in the previous section (since OO7 stresses all aspects of the system, not just transaction commit), our measurements suggest that REX results in noticeable performance improvement over the unmodified EXODUS storage manager.

Evangelos Markatos
Fri Apr 11 14:07:02 EET DST 1997