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4 Experiments


To test the operability, evaluate the performance of our Network RamDisk prototype described above, and compare it to traditional disk I/O, we conducted a series of performance measurements using a number of representative benchmarks and applications, that depend in various ways and capacities on the disk I/O performance. Our applications include searching the files on the disk for a particular string using find and grep, and using tar to unpack the archive file of Gnu Compiler version 2.7.2. Our benchmarks test various important aspects of filesystem performance, such as write throughput and filesystem latency (create/delete many small files).

We have tested both the Digital Unix client which was built first and implements only an unreliable NRD, and the Linux client which implements also the adaptive parity caching reliability policy described in section 2.3.3 .

Mike Flouris
Thu Sep 17 18:12:15 EET DST 1998